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The Cougaress

Femminine Feline Feelings

8 March
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Tibble is an anthro-cougaress who stands about 6 feet tall and is equally adept at being on all 4's(dont get any Ideas boys....) as well as 2 hind legs. She is very shy, but is very happy and peppy when she warms up to you. You can always see her with a nice smile. Her most proud feature is her rear and long tail which she loves to groom and hold when she's being generally shy. She is and will always be a Native New Yorker, although she recently lived in NH(2 years) and currently resides in Los Angeles Cali-FUR-nia. She is intellegent (2 Bachelors Degrees)*and this year(2006) a Masters Degree* and very musical. As the saying goes, be careful of the shy ones, the kitty-girl does have her dark, sexy and mysterious side as well. ^_^