Depressed but Motivated

I know Its been a little while since Ive posted stuff but I can tell you that Im been having so many emotional ups and downs its ridiculous.
There are so many things that I wish that I can post about my feelings but im not as  LJ savvy to limit my posts to close friends. I guess Ill have to ask delphinios  how to help me with this.

For one, I need to completely Revamp my whole LJ experience because as much *little* time I have to read all my friends posts, I know Its impossible for me to do it all and compose and go about my daily business.

I sooo wish that I could because Ive always wanted to be there for my friends in need. Im just not that eloquent of a writer to always express how im feeling when It comes to wanting to explain to people or sympathize with friend about how I understand how they are feeling.

But I will say that my current "situation" that im in, while im extremely grateful, is very frustrating and stifling and I cant be the woman im supposed to because of so many external factors. Ive grown so much in the past 2 years since my Breakup with long term relationship(7.5 years) with summervixen and I am still saddened and think about him occasionally. I often saddned to know that even after our breakup and during it, I tried to talk to him about still maintaining some kind of friendship even after our tribulations.  I even tried to wish him a happy birthday (His birthday and mine are in the same month) by txting him, LJ post, Yahoo IM and I didnt get any responses.
I fear that hes totally closed the door and despite our differences and troubles in our relationship, that Ive lost a dear and long time friend that meant more to me than he ever realized  :(

I didnt mean most of this LJ to be about me still wondering and worrying about him, but It looks like it has. Anyway despite being depressed in what seems to be borderline clinical with my mood swings and moodiness, I still maintain my inexhaustible amount of creative energy and writing. Im currenty working on an epic musical composition that Im going to drop on Youtube that I predict will be VIRAL when It comes to the Star Trek fans.. but thats all Ill say for now.

One of my good girl friends, Tawni, from Ohio, despite us being apart from each other have amassed and written over 50 songs between the 2 of us and we are about to launch an incredible musical endeavor soon. Our goal, to take back that "feeling" in music that I see so much on YOUTUBE when people look at old school songs from the 70-80's and constantly complain that music today sucks.
Our stuff will be taking that back that feeling and in addition, reaching out to the younger people as well.

Pray for me,
Lord knows I need it right now.

Happy CALI-VERSARY to me!

Today is my 5 year anniversary that Ive been in California.
A transplanted New Your City kitty-girl now out here for 5 years because of my Masters program at USC.

I started Class on *August 22, 2005*

I guess Im an Angelino now  *giggles*
August 22,2005 - August 22, 2010

I miss NY though :(



Johann Sebastian Bach

*he doesnt look a day over 247!* :p
Today was a great day for me my good friend Xale invited me to a concert of his. They performed the Great Mass in B minor. Ive heard this piece before but Ive never had the privelege to hear it performred live before. That just added to the treat that I had.
The movements  had numerous sections within, and went as follows:
Credo(Symbolum Nicenum)
Sanctus and
Agnus Dei

This was a perfect way to end a weekend that started off with me getting shot at  while I was riding the bus to my friends for the weekend. But thats another story :(





 Im up composing and my whole room begins to shake. Sooooo this makes EQ #4 for me since ive been out in California. ONE Earthquake for every year Ive been out here... Is that good or bad?

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